Saturday, June 16, 2007

My First Post!

This is my first ever post. How exciting. I'll post pictures of all my stuff as soon as I can figure out how to. Heh heh I'm a bit computer/camera/technology illiterate. First let me start off by telling about myself. My name is Jessica. I have crafted all my life but only recently really started it back up because of inspiration from some great craft bloggers. I live in Florida. I mostly sew stuffed animals, by hand using embroidery floss and acrylic felt (I know, I know). I also embroider and have lots of ideas for bags and clotjing but they're still all in my head. I dream of learning to crochet but that's not going too well. I set up a site on Etsy but since I have never made more than one of anything, it's currently empty. Oh and I'm a horrible artist but draw all my own patterns so you can probably see where this is going. That's all for now, my first post is done!

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